BCS FACS RefineNet: History of the Refinement Workshop

RefineNet was an EPSRC-funded network in the area of refinement of formal specifications. It assumed responsibility for the organisation of the BCS-FACS Refinement Workshops, a long running tradition as can be seen below.

No.DateLocationEditors, Publication
17-8 Jan 1988YorkMcDermid ("The Theory and Practice of Refinement", Butterworth 1989)
210-12 Jan 1989OU, Milton KeynesWeedon (not published)
39-11 Jan 1990Hursley Park, WinchesterMorgan, Woodcock (Springer)
49-11 Jan 1991CambridgeMorris, Shaw (Springer WiC)
58-10 Jan 1992LondonJones, Shaw, Denvir (Springer WiC)
65-7 Jan 1994LondonTill (Springer WiC)
73-5 Jul 1996BathWallis, Cooke, He (BCS eWiC)
829 Sep-2 Oct 1998ANU, CanberraGrundy, Schwenke, Vickers - International Refinement Workshop and Formal Methods Pacific (Springer)
9Jul 2002CopenhagenDerrick, Boiten, Woodcock, von Wright (ENTCS 70(3), FACJ 15(2))
10Apr 2005Surrey, GuildfordDerrick, Boiten (ENTCS 137(2), FACJ 18(3))
11 31 Oct 2006MacaoAichernig, Boiten, Derrick, Groves (ENTCS 187(1), FACJ 21(1-2))
12 2 Jul 2007OxfordBoiten, Derrick, Smith (ENTCS 201(1), FACJ 22(1))
13 27 May 2008TurkuBoiten, Derrick, Schellhorn (ENTCS 214(8), SCP 76(9))
14 3 Nov 2009EindhovenBoiten, Derrick, Reeves (ENTCS 259(1), FACJ 24(1))
1520 June 2011 Limerick Boiten, Derrick, Reeves (EPTCS 55, FACJ 26:2)
1611 June 2013 Turku Boiten, Derrick, Reeves (EPTCS, papers in FACJ 27:2)
1722 June 2015 OsloBoiten, Derrick, Reeves (EPTCS)
1818 July 2018OxfordDerrick, Dongol, Reeves (EPTCS)
19October 2019PortoDerrick, Dongol, Reeves